A Global Company

  Thomas Gabor, LLC
    Crime/Justice Research & Consulting


        Client List    




            Dr. Gabor has provided services to a large and diverse group of local, national, and international clients. 


            His list of clients includes:


      The United Nations

      Survivors of the Victims of the School Massacre at Dunblane Public School in Scotland

      Cayman Islands National Drug Council

      Australian Institute of Criminology

      International Centre for Comparative Criminology, University of Montreal

      University of Chicago, Department of Psychiatry

      Keio University, Japan

      Department of Justice Canada

      Office of the Auditor General of Canada

      Public Safety Canada (formerly the Ministry of the Solicitor General)

      Criminal Justice Commission of Palm Beach County, Florida

      Statistics Canada

      National Crime Prevention Council (Canada)

      Canadian Firearms Centre

      Canadian Criminal Justice Association

      Firearm Smuggling Working Group (Canada)

      Policy Centre for Victims Issues (Canada)

      Office of the Correctional Investigator (Canada)

      Correctional Service of Canada

      Royal Canadian Mounted Police

      Canada Border Services Agency

      Ottawa (Canada) Police Service

      Parks Canada

      Lansdowne Technologies Inc.

      Compliance Strategy Group (Ottawa, Canada)

      Attorney, Mr. Glenn Webber  (Stuart, Florida)

      Attorney General of Ontario

      Ottawa (Canada) Youth Services Bureau

      Numerous publishing companies, including McGraw-Hill, University of Toronto Press, Oxford University Press, Routledge, and Charles C Thomas