A Global Company

  Thomas Gabor, LLC
    Crime/Justice Research & Consulting


       Mission and Values    




      To offer superior, professional research services and advice on crime, justice,  and security matters.


      To harness high-level academic expertise and business experience in meeting the practical objectives of clients in a measurable way.


      We offer independent, non-partisan research and advice.  We are not affiliated with, nor receive funding from, any political groups.


      We strongly believe in the transparency of our research reports and advice.  Therefore, we share with our clients the data (while removing identifying information), research methods, and reasoning that form the basis for our services and advice.


      We abide by the general principles outlined in codes of conduct for researchers in the social sciences, including the protection of the privacy and well-being of research participants,  


      We adopt a fully collaborative style with clients by seeking their input and fostering two-way communications throughout the course of a project.   We strive to resolve any differences with clients in a non-confrontational manner.


      We are absolutely committed to providing products and services of the highest quality, on time and on budget.