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Dr. Gabor has enjoyed very satisfying and positive relationships with clients.  He prefers an interactive, collaborative style whereby client input and feedback is solicited at all stages of a project.  A comfortable and amicable relationship with the client allows for the mutual pursuit of the goals of a project, without unnecessary distraction and stress. 


Client testimonials include:


“It has been my privilege to have known Dr. Thomas Gabor for over 20 years…Thomas has an array of professional and personal qualities and a record of achievements that have earned the admiration and respect of many…Thomas is a prolific researcher and writer, but his real accomplishments are in the style and subject matter of his published works.  Often, he has chosen topics and written about them in an appealing, non-technical manner, providing an important bridge between the world of academia and policy-makers, as well as ordinary people…Thomas has also provided considerable assistance to the Government of Canada through his contract services and voluntary work.  Between 1994 and 1999, while I was the Manager of the Firearms Research Unit, Department of Justice, Thomas carried out several research projects that were very important to unfolding policy and legislative developments, both domestically and internationally.  This included critical literature reviews, statistical analyses, and special studies…Thomas was invited by Canada’s Parliament to serve as an expert witness on firearms research, and …Thomas clearly impressed Parliamentarians with his in-depth understanding and balanced approach to issues.  As a Manager, I was very grateful to Thomas for his professional approach to contract projects.  He provided high quality reports and analyses, always on schedule and within budget.”

Mr. Tony Dittenhoffer, Director, Policy Research, Labour Market Policy Directorate, Human Resources and Social Development Canada


"Everyone here is so pleased with what you did for us. And if we need any more research, policy analysis, testimony, you can be sure that we will call on you." 

Bill Rankin, Project Officer, Security Branch, Correctional Service of Canada


“I relied on Dr. Gabor as an expert witness in an appeal before the Occupational Health and Safety Tribunal of Canada. I had no difficulty qualifying Dr. Gabor as an expert witness and was impressed not only with his written report but also with his ability to elaborate and explain difficult concepts to the tribunal. Dr. Gabor was one of the best expert witnesses I have ever relied on, both in direct examination as well as under cross examination.”

Richard Fader, Counsel, Treasury Board of Canada Legal Services


“I have had the occasion to work with Dr. Gabor on many high priority and challenging policy research files…From my own first-hand experiences, I know that Dr. Gabor possesses superior analytical skills and is able to understand and to communicate complex ideas very effectively, both orally and in writing.  He is extremely professional and has high integrity when undertaking research…He has demonstrated his commitment to delivering high quality work that respects tight and perhaps somewhat unrealistic timelines.  He is also able to effectively collaborate with others from diverse backgrounds.  Working with Dr. Gabor has always been highly constructive and has produced analyses and reports that have been received with great praise and compliments at the highest levels of our Department.  His work on firearms, for example, received praise from Canada’s Minister of Justice…I would be willing and pleased to talk to anyone about Dr. Gabor’s character and professional skills and abilities.  He is truly an outstanding criminologist and researcher.”

Mr. Damir Kukec, Manager of Research and Planning, Palm Beach County (Florida) Criminal Justice Commission (formerly with the Department of Justice Canada)


“I am writing to extend my deepest thanks for your involvement with our Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Police Performance Measurement.  From the outset of the Committee’s work, your enthusiasm, insight, commitment, and contributions have been evident.  I particularly appreciate not only the constructive suggestions, but also the manner in which you challenge some of the existing conventions and engage in thoughtful debate.  It has been a pleasure to work with you and I am confident that our continued working relationship will greatly benefit policing in the City of Ottawa.”

Former Police Chief Vince Bevan, Ottawa (Canada) Police Service


“Again, Tom, thank you again for your thorough and excellent work.  Hope to collaborate with you again in the future.”

Dr. Ivan Zinger, Executive Director, Office of the Correctional Investigator (Canada)


"Thanks a lot for such a great product [Elder Abuse Report]."

Dr. Cherami Wichmann, Senior Research Officer, Family, Children & Youth Section, Department of Justice Canada


“I am writing to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation for your valuable contribution to the successful completion of the United Nations International Study on Firearm Regulation.  We can take pride in the fact that the UN study and its conclusions will be of great benefit to all nations sharing a common concern for public health and safety and wishing to reduce violent criminality and the criminal use of firearms and the negative social and economic effects on our societies.  I take this occasion to thank you once again for your time, effort, and advice in the successful development of the United Nations International Study on Firearm Regulation.  The effects of your contributions have been widespread.”

Mr. James Hayes, Coordinator, United Nations International Study on Firearm Regulation


“Dr. Gabor has been of invaluable assistance to us.  He combines a wonderful capacity for supporting the research process as well as being able to provide the substantive advice on particular files we had hoped for.  He has excelled in his role as mentor and coach to many of the researchers on our staff…He demonstrates the values which we in government are trying to instill in our young researchers…We have all benefited from his scholarly and technical expertise, reflective approach, and collaborative style.”

Dr. Roberta Russell, Former Director, Research and Statistics Division, Department of Justice Canada


“…We just secured another two sections [university courses] using your book…This is unbelievable!  I am incredibly impressed and excited…Based on our dealings over the last year, I am very confident that McGraw-Hill and you will enjoy a very fruitful relationship…”

Nick Durie, Sponsoring Editor, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Publishers


“Enclosed please find a copy of Chapter 15 of the September 1998 Report of the Auditor General of Canada entitled Promoting Integrity in Revenue Canada.  Thank you for your valuable input…I believe that our joint effort has resulted in a better and more relevant report to Parliament.”

Ms. Victoria Saunderson, Director, Office of the Auditor General of Canada